Yogis unite

It’s finally been long enough and I’ve decided to bite the bullet and join a gym in DC! I went pretty religiously before I moved to the city, and it just isn’t the same trying to work out at home or run outside. I get bored easily.

I love going to classes where I’m told what to do, when, and how! I can’t wait to join and get back into a better (more consistent) workout routine. While I did Les Mills BODYPUMP (lifting weights of varying size to work certain key areas, working out to the beat of pop music), Pilates (a workout used with just the body or minimal weight focusing on alignment, breathing and a strong core), and Cardio Kickboxing (a combination of aerobics, boxing, and martial arts), one of the things I miss the most is yoga.

Yoga can be a very spiritual experience where you focus on stretching, breathing and relaxation while staying aware of your body and getting into different positions and postures. Not only do you stretch and move your body, but you also have the option to internally set an intention for the class, whether that is to let go of the stresses of the day, or to show gratitude for something you’re happy for in life. Regardless of whether you go for the meditation aspect or for the workout, it’s definitely a great experience. I can’t wait to get back into some amazing classes!

  1. Fabletics Dash Bra $10-$30
  2. Beyond Yoga Heathered Chenille Crop Top $88 $50
  3. Fabletics The Yoga Mat $20-$50
  4. Victoria’s Secret Yoga Legging $40 $30
  5. Lululemon Uplifting Yoga Block $12
  6. Beyond Yoga Contour Performance Cami $86 $50
  7. Free People Leather Yoga Strap $58 $30
  8. S’well Bottle in Gold $42
  9. Free People Mimot Yoga Tote $78 $50
  10. Lululemon Hold Your Om Bra $52 $34



Featured Image | Free People

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