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Happy September! With the start of a new month marks the end of August, and my no-shopping month. I do think that I learned a lot in taking an entire month to take shopping off of the table. Not only did I save money, but I wore some pieces that I haven’t in a long time – or finally cut the cord and donated them.

All in all, had I purchased every item I seriously considered purchasing, I would’ve spent $537. That being said, I’m not that reckless; had I splurged on a new bag, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the sneakers. However it really did open my eyes to see how easy it is to have small things add up! Although one little piece might be under $30, when you shop those over and over again, you really understand where you can save by taking a week (or a month!) to wait and see if it’s still something you want.

See some of my thoughts on my would’ve-purchased pieces below!

Bandolier Sarah Leather iPhone Crossbody Case $98: After seeing a friend with one of these, I realized it’s actually genius. A phone case that’s also a crossbody to hold cards? And it’s in a gorgeous leather with gold detailing? Still on my wishlist, but a bit above budget for now. Something to save up for!

Chuck Taylor Shoreline Sneaker $50: These are evergreen sneakers that will go with everything, but if I’m prioritizing, I want more athletic looking sneakers over these. I can wait to buy in the spring when chilly weather isn’t ahead.

Barneys New York Burgundy Tote $129: I do need a new work tote. My favorite bag’s handle broke on my last trip – after many years of love – and burgundy is a nice fall color to take me through the cooler months. Plus this bag is actually an extra 25% off right now, so it was worth waiting for the sale to get it under $100!

H&M Leather Belt $10: Among my many moves, I’ve lost track of all of my favorite belts. I have a great shirt dress that absolutely needs some waist-defining, so this is something I’ll definitely still go for! (Especially for this price.)

Abercrombie Cozy Swing Tank + Cozy Shorts $24: New pajamas are always nice, and these are a total bargain. Super-soft and great for lounging. I’d definitely still purchase these, but they’re a want, not a need.

Talbots Hillary Ankle-Tie Peep-Toe Suede Pumps $28: Such a steal, but I don’t need these. Trends like lace-up shoes are always cute, but I like to save room in my closet for the classics that I’ll never tire of.

LPA Bodysuit 46 $25: I’ve been bodysuit crazy, so I wasn’t sure if my adoration for this one was true or not. However I’m still checking it out a month later, and it’s deeply discounted, so definitely worth the buy!

Victoria’s Secret Lace-Waist Thong Panties 7 for $28: I haven’t bought new underwear in a while, and the 7 for $28 deal at Victoria’s Secret definitely tempted me. However this sale is forever, so there was no urgency to purchase these. Will definitely still buy!

Adidas Original NMD_R1 $130: These are really cute, but I’ve had my eye on black-and-white Nikes (that are cheaper!) for so long. Had I splurged on these without thinking twice, I might’ve regretted buying super-white sneakers that will instantly show dirt.

New Balance for J.Crew Scoopneck Sports Bra in Palm Print $15: I love this print, so I was super eager to get my hands on this. However I have about a million sports bras, and as cute as it is, I really didn’t need it. No love lost here for missing out on it.



lessons learned

Well, I learned that holding off on purchases is never a bad idea. Shopping on a whim tends to lead to overspending on things I don’t want! However I do have good instincts; I pick mostly items that are either for a purpose (work tote, new underwear, sneakers) rather than for fun (bodysuit, cozy pajama set). But I’m still excited to break the month off with a little conservative shopping. 😊

Would you ever do a no-shopping month? 


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