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During these especially cold months, the air tends to get drier than ever. And I fight it every step of the way. Unfortunately I’m very prone to dry skin, so I’ve taken drastic measures this year to work on hydrating more than I ordinarily do!

A few of my favorite things (that actually get results!) are:


Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This thing is amazing. And it isn’t too hard on the eyes. Whenever I think of a humidifier, I picture this giant, rather ugly gray box that I had as a child that sat in my room month after month in the winter, humming loudly and blowing out cool air. This pretty little product is small, barely makes a whisper of a noise, and truly makes my skin feel more moisturized. And they come in a range of pretty colors.


Blistex Lip Medex Lip Protectant

I’ve gotten into the habit of putting this on obsessively throughout the day at work. It’s basically an ointment for your lips. There is a bit of a minty tingle, and it gives your lips a fighting chance to regain some moisture. Plus you can’t beat the price.


Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask

I received this as a free sample and really loved how you could really feel the mask working. It adds nutrients and vitamins back into your skin and allows for natural cell regeneration, which is so important when winter does serious damage! It also helps remove debris and dead skin, leaving your skin feeling smooth and flawless.


BAN.DO ‘Girls Just Wanna’ Tumbler

Drinking water is the obvious answer to staying hydrated, but easier said than done! My one tip for drinking more water is to get yourself one of these tumblers. For whatever reason, water is much more appealing to drink out of a straw, and this tumbler is the perfect size for filling up and making it your mission to finish. This particular find is too adorable to pass up.



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