Tibi Sample Sale

If you’re like me, you love to love designer brands even though you know they’re just a bit out of your reach. For this reason, sample sales are my favorite – Tibi is having one with up to 80% off original prices, so you might just be able to get that gorgeous dress you’ve been eyeing.

There are a ton of great pieces for the upcoming seasons – think dresses and shorts in whites, teals, beiges and blacks. Check out my favorite steals from the sale:

Satin Drop Waist Dress

Satin Drop Waist Dress $525 $210 | 60% off

Maritime Border Striped Pleated Long Dress

Maritime Border Striped Pleated Long Dress $798 $319 | 60% off

Layered Embroidery Lace Shorts

Layered Embroidery Lace Shorts $435 $131 | 70% off

Bee Mules

Bee Mules $375 $150 | 60% off

Bibelot Crepe Halter Dress

Bibelot Crepe Halter Dress $298 $119 | 60% off

Escalante Striped Silk Shorts

Escalante Striped Silk Shorts $385 $154 | 60% off

Boutis Embroidery Dress

Boutis Embroidery Dress $395 $79 | 80% off

Embroidery Lace Paneled Dress

Embroidery Lace Paneled Dress $695 $209 | 70% off

Amber Sandals

Amber Sandals $365 $73 | 80% off

Maritime Border Striped Pleated Skirt

Maritime Border Striped Pleated Skirt $498 $199 | 60% off

Crochet Embroidered Dress

Crochet Embroidered Dress $525 $105 | 80% off

Double Layer Floral Burnout Cami

Double Layer Floral Burnout Cami $245 $74 | 70% off


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