The things you forget when you move

Eric and I moved into our new place this weekend. Our unit is one of four in a small townhouse building. We have a sweet bay window in the front of the house, granite countertops, an exposed brick wall, and an easy gas fireplace. Needless to say, it was a total score to find! It was definitely a stressful couple of days while we did the majority of the moving, making sure everything was packed and ready to move easily, but I’m so glad to be done! Well, almost.

Thankfully we live close to home, so it will be easy to go back for things we forgot. (And let me tell you, that list is extensive.) It’s funny how you can forget to buy something so essential, such as a cutting board, until you need it. (Picture me trying to cut veggies on a paper plate. Not the easiest.)

This has inspired my list of things you need, but will likely not remember to buy when moving into your first home.

house things


Cutting Boards $20
These are only important if you ever plan on cooking.

Mixing Bowls $30
These are great for cooking and baking, but also double as a giant popcorn bowl.

Bottle Opener $14
For celebratory “we’re done!” drinks.

Flatware Organizer $17
Perhaps the most necessary piece on your countertop.

Utensil Caddy $25
They have to go somewhere.

Kitchen Trash Can $40
Because using a trash bag by itself is the worst.

Scissors $17
For unpacking!

Napkin Holder $15 $9
They just don’t look right sitting in a pile on the counter.


Shower Head $40 $20
Most rented places have ancient shower heads – a new one will change your life!

Plunger $23
You never know when you’ll need one.

Shower Caddy $33 $20
If your bathroom has minimal storage, this will be a lifesaver.


Laundry Hamper $24
Dirty laundry is not something you want strewn everywhere.



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