The scoop-back one piece

Featured Image // The Cut

It seems as though at every turn, some trend from way-back-when is being brought back into the mainstream fashion world. I’m talking to you, overalls, flatforms (an ode to the ’90s creeper sandals) and choker necklaces. That’s why when I came across the open letter to resurrect J.Crew’s perfect scoop-back swimsuit, I was intrigued by the idea of some classic find from the ’90s making its way back, and me being completely on board with its return.

I was born in 1991, so I had my hand in wearing the good, the bad and the ugly trends that came along with the decade, but I wasn’t quite old enough to get into caring about the swimsuit styles of the era just yet. When I saw the suit that Jenni Avins was referencing in her article in The Cut, I totally understood her want. What a classic beauty! It’s such a flattering suit that is too simple to mess up. (Well, except apparently others had trouble getting it right.)

Last year, J.Crew responded to her letter with a resurrection of this timeless piece pulled from the unexpected archives of 1990s fashion, and now I can’t seem to stop seeing copycats popping up all over this year. The real thing is on sale for $88 at J.Crew (and comes in a variety of colors, if black isn’t your thing), or you can stick a toe into the water and try one of its similar counterparts at a lesser price. What do you think of this timeless tank one-piece? Would you wear it?


J.Crew $88
Gap $60 $24 code PREP
Norma Kamali $66
Land’s End $39 $31
Polo Ralph Lauren $80 $59
L.L. Bean $40


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