The perfect gifts for graduates

Graduating, whether it is from high school, college or graduate school, is an extremely stressful experience. You’ve been anticipating this very moment for years, but even more so in recent months. You’re excited because you’re accomplishing something amazing and get to celebrate that, but you also have no idea what is to come, what the next step should be, or what it is you even want to do now that you’ve reached your goal.

While I am not an extremely nervous person, I tend to panic during life changes more than your average person. In college, my boyfriend became familiar with the fact that at the beginning and end of every semester, I ended up crying at one point. I cried during finals week, I cried before graduation, and I even cried the night before I started my first job (which I was extremely excited for, by the way). Everyone has their ways of coping with the monumental changes that are to come, but the best advice has to be that everything will work out. Just because you have graduated doesn’t mean you’re a different person, or more of a “grown-up;” that comes with time. You are who you are and one accomplishment won’t change that!

To all of the graduates reading, congratulations on taking an amazing step toward success. There will always be more larger-than-life experiences down the road, but still try to take the time to appreciate these moments. You’ll only graduate high school once, and college will eventually seem like it was a million years ago. It’s hard to believe, but it happens in an instant!

For the graduates in your life, it’s wonderful to get them a gift that not only shows them how proud you are, but also that will be practical in their life moving forward. Here are some great gift ideas for graduates!


Keeping it in basic black makes it an appropriate bag for whatever field they enter into.

j.crew $178 $134 // kate spade new york $198 $148 // tory burch $435 $305


Once your phone starts doubling as a work phone, the battery goes twice as fast. $38 $20 // j.crew $40 $21 // urban outfitters $30


If you’re commuting, this is a godsend. If not, they’re still great for web browsing and email!

asus memo pad 7 $125 // kindle fire hdx $379 // ipad mini 3 $399


If students think they drink a lot of coffee, wait until they have to be at work at 8:30 every day.

starbucks $20 $12 // $15 // kate spade new york $18



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