The exercise outfit equation

Another week, another opportunity to stay motivated to work out as the weather gets cooler. I just started at a new gym near my office that I’m so excited to take advantage of – there’s little that motivates me more than having to pass my gym on the way home. One thing I never have trouble with is deciding what to wear for workouts, thanks to an easy format.

I recently splurged on a new gym bag, and it got me thinking about what new workout clothes I need. The things I love most are versatile rather than having a rare use (ex. low-impact sports bras, full-length leggings, different shoes for different workouts), and I realized I’ve been keeping with these necessities for years.

A few specific pieces that work for me? Supportive sports bras that work just as well for yoga as they do for running, slightly oversize tees that are in the perfect middle ground of tight and loose, compression crops that keep me cool during a workout, and all-purpose sneakers. There’s nothing like squirming around and being distracted by your clothing while you’re trying to exercise, and having a go-to outfit formula helps avoid that. Shop some favorite brands and styles of mine below.

Supportive Sports Bra

Under Armour | Nike | Solow *check out the back!

Slightly Oversized Tee

Nike | Adidas Originals | PUMA

Compression Crops

Beyond Yoga | Heroine Sport | Target

All-Purpose Sneakers

Nike | Adidas | PUMA


Featured Image | Fytso

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