Taming hair in humidity

It has been nothing but hot, humid weather since probably June hit. It feels like we’ve finally passed the peak of heat, but the humidity still lingers. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for keeping hair sleek when it wants to be anything but.


I absolutely love this shampoo. You get a lot for your money, and I see it as an investment into my hair (that I already spend a fair amount on to get highlighted and cut every six weeks). It keeps my hair so soft and shiny, and I haven’t found another product I love quite as much.


I love using a great deep conditioner – this is my favorite – about once a week will keep your flyaways at bay. I like to use a small enough amount, focusing mainly on my ends, so that I don’t need to rinse it out in the morning.


If you use hot tools nearly daily like I do (though I try not to!), you have to protect your strands from excessive heat. This spray is inexpensive and helps keep hair strong and healthy without feeling crunchy.


I blow dry my hair regularly (a stylist friend recommended Hot Tools as a good brand that won’t break the bank!), and I’ve realized that the highest heat setting is totally unnecessary – and doing excess damage to my hair. I try to let mine air dry for as long as possible, then use the medium setting for the main chunk of my hair, and finish with the coolest setting. I’ve found this to be the best process for keeping my hair healthy.


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