Summer stock-up with H&M

H&M is by far one of my favorite stores for a good deal. They’re always coming out with trendy pieces that tend to fall under the $50 mark, with a few exceptions (that, may I say, are usually worth it!).

Right now they’re offering free shipping (my favorite) over $40 using code 0040. Now is the perfect time to stock up on summer finds, as we’re among the first summer days over 80°F! H&M has the breeziest dresses in stock now, and everything you can imagine with fringe detailing. If you’re looking for off-the-shoulder finds, there is no lack of those either. I also love looking in the Premium Quality section for finds that are silk, pima cotton, suede or leather. These are nice because they’re still very on-trend, but you get a higher quality that feels nicer and lasts a bit longer that your average piece.

Shop my favorite pieces in their current collection below!



  1. Jacquard Dress $50
  2. Chiffon Dress $25
  3. Suede Bag $50
  4. Tassel Tee $18
  5. Leather Sandals $30
  6. Embroidered Blouse $25
  7. Leather Wedges $60
  8. Necklace with Tassels $13
  9. Off-Shoulder Blouse $35
  10. Maxi Dress $60


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