Sugar Paper for Target 2017

I am crushing hard on all of the blush and gold office supplies from the 2017 line of Sugar Paper products at Target. I adore pretty office supplies, and this combines gorgeous with budget, so it’s no surprise that this line captured my heart.

I work in an open office, so when people walk by then see directly into my space. For that reason, I love to have a bit of my personality showing in my area. Not to mention I like having a nice work environment that I don’t mind spending all day in! Adding some file management that is easy on the eyes, or a planner you won’t be embarrassed to pull out in a meeting, can make all of the difference in an otherwise bland office.

Paper management is huge for me in my job, as I get a lot of printed drafts of documents and papers with notes scribbled on them. Cute file folders can help you keep things organized by having a place for different projects or assignments you’re working on. Finally, good lighting is of the utmost importance. I adore this task lamp in gold and white as a way to brighten your desk.

Now all you need is a white and gold office chair to match – options here ($119) and here ($186)!



mag    pencils    oops

box     lamp     files

agenda     post     letters

paperclip      doc    folder


Magazine Rack $20 | Pencil Set $4 | Eraser $2

Storage Box $8 | Task Lamp $35 | File Holder $25

Planner $13 | Post-It Set $6 | Letter Sorter $8

Letter Clip Holder $5 | Document Folder $15 | File Folder Set $6

Psssst… Sugar Paper is offering free personalization on the cutest notebooks today only. $25 value! Shop now.


Featured Image | Sugar Paper for Target

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