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H&M has long been a favorite store of mine. They have inexpensive basics that hold up relatively well (and fit well as long as you size up!), which made me a quick believer in their home line. The stores near me when I lived in Maryland didn’t have the home pieces in-store, but DC has tons!

I could honestly spend all day planning out which pieces fit into which part of our apartment, but here are some of the highlights for each room in your home:



Glass Box $18
Sleep Mask $7
King/Queen Bedspread $129
Sequined Cushion Cover $18
Mirror $30
Glass Vase $10 $5
Faux Fur Throw $80 $35
Jacquard-Weave Rug $50 $35



Glass Dome with Plate $35 $20
Scented Candle in Glass Holder $6 $4
Apron with Christmas Motif $13 $8
Cotton Table Runner $13 $10
Christmas Motif Tea Towel $10 $3
Bottle Cork $5
Wooden Cutting Board $25 $15
Glass Carafe $18


living room

Candle Holder $10 $7
Cotton Rug $30 $20
Large Storage Basket $18
Small Glass Display Case $25 $13
Round Mirror $18
Fleece Throw $25 $15
Tassel Cushion Cover $18
Velvet Cushion Cover $10



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