Spring uniform

When the weather is warm all of a sudden, there are a few key pieces I gravitate toward immediately. Whether it’s your favorite sundress or sandals that go with everything, it’s nice to have your favorite uniform to fall back on. Especially when it comes to packing up winter pieces and unpacking warm weather pieces.

This week is the first in which we have highs above 60°F every day, and I’m not taking it lightly. I’m so excited to head back to my parent’s house to do some much-needed wardrobe swapping. (How lucky am I to have parents who let me use our home as a temporary storage unit?)

The uniform I tend to fall into includes:


H&M $40 | J.Crew Factory $51AEO $70 | J.Crew $128

This is a casual, neutral extra layer that’s great to have on hand for chilly evenings. It will go well over anything, but I particularly love it over a sundress or paired with white skinnies.


Forever 21 $18 | Missguided $42 | Lilly Pulitzer $98MICHAEL Michael Kors $120

There’s nothing easier than a t-shirt dresses – you can dress them up or down with a simple accessory switch. Paired with standard sandals, you have a weekend look. Dress it up with wedges and a belt! I’m partial to the striped variety, but you can find them in all shapes, sizes and patterns.


Target $20 | Rainbow $51 | Jack Rogers $118 | Tory Burch $225

I love having a go-to pair of sandals that are neutral enough to go with just about everything. I splurged on Jack Rogers last summer and they’ve more than paid for themselves. While the less expensive versions are just as cute, it’s good to have a sturdy leather pair that will last.


 Featured Image | Urban Outfitters

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