Spring home refresh

With more sunny days and opportunities to open the windows and let the breeze come in, there are a few great ways to refresh your home and prep it for the new season. I love to make a few minor tweaks that make me remember that we’re entering into a new time of year; it just makes me feel like I’m shedding winter – my least favorite season – from my home. See my favorite ways to do it below.

Clear the clutter

Using storage solutions to get your clutter out of sign and out of mind is a great idea for spring. I always say less is more, but especially on the surface. Stowing away shoes in an over-the-door hanger, finding a nice hook for your lighter jackets to hang on, and having baskets and totes to hide things away in will help you have a cleaner looking – and feeling – space.


Gather your vases

Flowers are a sure sign of spring, and you’ll want to keep them on display the whole season long. You can gather multiple together and separate your stems, or have one larger lovely arrangement. I love the unique vases out there now that allow for a single tiny bud to sit on your counter without taking up too much space.


Replace your linens

Whether it’s in the kitchen or the bedroom, it’s nice to have fresh linens to usher in the new season. Some things that wear out, like oven mitts and towels, but it can also be nice to get some new bedding to lighten up your room. Time to pull out quilts and throws, and stow away down comforters and chunky knits.



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