Splurge, spend or save: workout gear

I strongly believe that there are always pieces in any wardrobe, whether it’s for working out or going to the office, that you can save on. But there are also those necessities that require the extra spend! I think I’ve finally narrowed down the perfect formula.

I’ve hit my stride in my current workout routine. Last year I got myself into a great regimen, but fell out of it when I moved away from home (and away from my favorite gym!) and into the city. Now that I’m back into a new gym with classes I love (Zumba is more fun that I imagined, even with my lack of rhythm), I’m ready to tie down a good exercise wardrobe. I’ve come to love a few favorite brands depending on the item, and the price!

Splurge: Shoes

You end up being the hardest on your shoes. Especially if you leave the shiny floors of the gym and hit the street for a run. Having a pair that is comfortable and that you love is important, so I think that this deserves a bit of a splurge. I love the Nike Air Max Thea Running Sneakers $90, but the Nike Flex Experience Run 4 Running Shoes $53 are a good alternative if you’re looking to save.

Spend: Pants

I’ve had a lot of different workout crops, and I can say with confidence that they are not made equally. I have a few from Target’s C9 Champion line, and while they work for a while, they wear out a lot faster. One pair continuously stands out – the Nike Pro Cool Capris $45. Keeping the price tag under $50 keeps you from spending a fortune, and they stand up to hard workouts well!

Save: Tops

I’m particular about my workout tops these days. I tend to love tanks more than tees (it’s too hot for sleeves!), and I like a high cut on the neck to avoid showing too much or feeling uncomfortable with a low-cut tank. My recent favorite is an Old Navy Go-Dry Sleeveless Graphic Tee $17 $11. They’re a great price, fit well and have cute patterns and colors.

 Splurge: Water Bottle

I love having cold water for a workout – room temperature just doesn’t do it for me. Since finding the S’well Bottle $25-$45, I haven’t used anything else! It may seem a bit expensive for a water bottle, but this one is anything but ordinary. It keeps cold drinks cold (keeps ice from melting!) for 24 hours, and keeps hot drinks hot for 12. I have the 9 oz, which is a nice size to throw in my purse without weighing it down too much. For the gym, the 17 oz might be more appropriate! (Gym aside, the 25 oz holds an entire bottle of wine. Just something to note for picnic season!)

Spend: Bra

Whether you’re jumping around in Zumba class or simply going for a run, you need support. You’re going to be tough on them, so the right sports bra is definitely worth spending a few extra dollars on. My favorite? The Incredible by Victoria’s Secret Sport Bra $56. It is a maximum-support bra with flexible underwire, but still manages to have cute strappy detailing and comes in great patterns.

Save: Gym Lock


This is one of those things you don’t think about until you need it. I tend to go to the gym either during work or after, so I often have a laptop or, at least, my bag with me. Thankfully you don’t need to get too fancy with your lock – a standard lock will do. I like the Master Lock Combination Lock $5 as you can set your own combination!


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