Snack prep

Getting good at meal prep is a bit of an art. You can’t make too much of one thing or you get tired of it quickly and it goes to waste, but you want to make enough to make your planning worth it. An entirely other game, however, is trying to snack prep.

During long afternoons, I tend to lean toward salt rather than sugar – I’ll go for chips or crackers long before I’ll reach for cookies or ice cream. Apparently this means I’m not getting enough water (totally accurate), but it’s still a necessary evil that I have to work around. I’m aiming to drink more water, but I tend to drink slowly and in small amounts. A more pressing goal for me is finding snacks that satisfy while still being healthy.

It’s nice when I can plan ahead with either fresh veggies or whole-wheat options. I also love keeping almonds in my desk in case of a sudden hunger pang! This keeps me from reaching for a too-large lunch to fill the craving. I like using a Ziploc bag to portion off snacks rather than keeping a whole box, which can lead to eating more than I really need. Roasted chickpeas are another recent favorite of mine with a bit of olive oil and spices, but they tend to be better when eaten right after baking.


While I don’t always crave sugar, I definitely have my moments where I just need something sweet. I recently tried Siggi’s yogurt and have found that to be a great afternoon treat that is honestly reminiscent of ice cream – just a bit more tart. Trader Joe’s Crunchy Almond Butter is another favorite that feels more like a treat than a healthy alternative!


What do you like to have as a midday snack?


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