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Among my favorite parts of spring is swapping over my wardrobe, forgoing chunky knits for light sundresses. While we’re being blessed with some entirely-too-warm-for-February weather this week, but I’m wary to switch everything out just yet. One of the easiest things to swap out for unseasonably warm days is footwear.

Putting on a pair of sandals might seem a little crazy for February, but the first day of spring will be here before you know it. Even if sandals are a stretch, there are a ton of great shoe options that don’t scream “spring” quite as loudly. I love slides and mules as a good option for getting a little air on your feet! Lace-up shoes are a cute pick that can keep your feet covered while still adding something fun and playful.

Another favorite of mine is a good pair of sling-backs. They have a dressier feel while still being totally comfortable. Whether you go for flats or sandals, they’ll be a definite spring staple. Finally, when it comes to shoes, color can mean everything! Pick a pair of pastel flats (added points for a bow) and pair with skinny jeans and a tee for an easy warm-weather outfit.

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