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A big change is coming up for me – I’m starting a new job! I’ve been doing marketing for an architecture and design firm for nearly three years (my first job out of college), but I’m excited to be moving into a communications role at a global health nonprofit.

It’s been a dream of mine to get into a public relations role, as that was what I studied in college. And I loved it. While these three years have been wonderful and I’ve certainly learned a lot, I can’t wait to start fresh learning new skills with an exciting new team of people (not to mention doing work that really makes an impact!).

This is kind of my back-to-school moment, which is quite fitting for a September start date. I’m a little bit terrified going into a new, unfamiliar role, but I truly couldn’t be more excited or eager to start a new adventure. Aren’t we supposed to do one thing every day that scares us? Like a kid ready to jump into the next grade ahead, I’m excited to stock up on new notebooks and supplies for a new job.

Leopard Notebook | I Am Very Busy Notebook | Letter Opener

Water Cup | Desktop Organizer | Oversized Paper Clips

File Folders | Acrylic Pencil Holder | Daily Planner



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