November home updates

November is a lovely month where the holidays are just ahead. You don’t want to jump the gun and put out your Christmas tree just yet, but you want things to feel a bit more festive as holiday shopping begins and Thanksgiving is in sight.

I’m excited to put out a few select decorations for the month – extra cozy blankets, scented candles that make it smell like something delicious baking (without the calories), and warm lighting to make up for the lack of sunlight (I’m so not looking forward to Daylight Savings). Is there anything special you put out this time of year? Shop my favorite November decor finds below.

Magazine Rack: for storing Black Friday ads

Placemat: for adorning your coffee table

Wall Art: for reminding you of the reason for the season

Scented Candle: for making the house smell sweet when you’re too lazy to bake

Mood Lighting: for days when the sun is hiding

Flannel Blanket: for chilly mornings

Throw Pillow: for snuggling up on movie nights



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