No-spend August

With a couple of great trips coming up in August and September (one to Chicago, one to Newport, RI), I’m challenging myself to a month without shopping. Not only is this on my list of 30 in 365, but it’s also something I like to try to do once a year to remind myself to work with the many things I already have in my closet! With fall approaching, it’s so tempting to fall into the trap of shopping for a season that isn’t even here yet. However I know that I have a trove of pieces that are just waiting to be worked and reworked.

I wanted to share a few tips in case you’re joining the no-shop train – things that help me stay on track (even when there’s a reaaaaally good sale!).

I have a note in my phone with a running list of all of the things that tempted me throughout the month. I put their price next to the item’s name so that I can see how much money I saved throughout the month by holding off on purchasing. The best part? I have a wishlist of things I want, and can probably scratch a few off of the list that would’ve been possibly regretful impulse buys!

Nothing makes me remember how much I have than wearing things I don’t usually, or wearing them a different way! A slip dress looks totally different when layered over a t-shirt. Those mules I usually save for going out work just as well for the office. If I wear the pieces that I usually reserve for a certain type of occasion, I’ll feel like I have something brand new again.

That being said, as you’re nearing the month’s end and you still haven’t worn (or didn’t enjoy wearing!) something, get rid of it. Make a “donate” box in your room and every time you try something on that just isn’t right – and hasn’t been right for as long as you can remember – off it goes. Bonus points for using Poshmark, eBay or other consignment shops to make an extra penny off of your old items.

You’ll probably find that you have a few go-to pieces that you can’t stay away from. Get them all together and see what they have in common. Is it the style? Classic cuts? Neutral color scheme? Whatever it is, let this guide your future shopping. If I start eyeing a bold patterned dress this month, put it on my to-buy list, then realize most of my giveaway pile is exactly that? It’s a great way to learn what you like and what you just don’t.

If I’m having a hard day, I tend to treat myself with shopping. (Definitely do not have a problem.) To combat this, I’m going through the many free samples I’ve received during shopping trips at Sephora and Nordstrom. I have tons in my vanity, so I’m treating myself to using these luxurious products I have but never got around to using! I have products from Sunday Riley (Luna Sleeping Night Oil and Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment) and Caudalie (Vinoperfect Radiance Serum and Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet), Bumble and bumble (Repair Blow Dry) and Drybar (Prep Rally Prime & Prep Detangler). By focusing on my beauty routine with deluxe samples that I already have, I eliminate the need to buy that new beauty cream or serum – I have tons of great options that will make me feel amazing without spending a penny.

Have you ever done a no-shop month? Tell me your tricks in the comments (and wish me luck)!


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