Monday mood

Mondays are hard, but I’m happy to start the week fresh after an amazing weekend! Lots of spending time with friends and really gorgeous almost-fall weather. The air is just starting to feel crisp in the mornings, and I’m so excited to pull my lonely trench coat out of the closet!

This weekend I got to go Eric’s cousin’s new restaurant in D.C., Masseria, where we ended up eating around seven courses of incredibly tasty Italian food! We had everything from steak tartare (something I had never tried before in my life), to delicious linguine with a seafood sauce, to plates of every chocolate dessert you can imagine. It was the best meal I’ve ever had!

After a night out on Saturday, we spent Sunday watching football and eating the appropriate tailgate-style food with friends (and now I’m noticing a pattern of my weekend revolving around food…). I’m trying to hit this week hard with some healthy meal prep, a few very-needed loads of laundry (it’s boring but it has to happen) and pulling sweaters out of storage.

I’ve been loving simple colors and pieces – basic black, neutral nudes and bright whites. Now that the weather is cooling down, I’m excited for sweaters, lots of denim and switching my bright red bag out for my black Kate Spade tote.

I’ve also been really into shoes lately – the lace-up flats that are taking over are absolutely gorgeous, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair (I love these $45, these $51 and these $56!). I am also on the lookout for pretty minimalist home inspiration. I think that the most well-decorated homes are simple yet cozy – doesn’t this lovely gold candleholder fit the bill so well?

Finally, I am ready for an update with my hair. I chopped it off a few months back, but I’m getting bored with the color and want to get some depth into it – lowlights for dimension? another cut? Definitely time for a visit to the salon either way.

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