May beauty buys

We have a little over a month left in spring, and I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone by! I always seem to rush this season along, eager for summer to arrive. This month, I’m enjoying finding some good go-to products that will last me through summer. Something to keep my blonde just that, a new go-to body wash (that is a total steal), and moisturizer that will do big things for burnt out (literally) skin.

Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo

I’m always looking for products to brighten up my blonde (without drying out my hair), and this has proven to do the trick. I get highlights every couple of months, and my hair tends to lean toward the brassy side when I’m not looking. To refresh my hair, I use this shampoo a few times a week to cool down my hair’s hue. I’ve used a lot of different purple shampoos, but this one is by far the most moisturizing!

Le Petit Marseillais
Shower Cream White Peach & Nectarine Body Wash

This is a total bargain buy. I read about this French brand coming to the United  States a couple of months back and knew I had to try it out. I actually bought this in both the White Peach & Nectarine as well as the Orange Blossom, and spoiler alert, they’re both amazing. For this price, I knew stocking up would be necessary! I love the light formula that doesn’t smell too overpowering.

The Water Cream

This may be a total splurge, but wow does it work. This gel cream is deeply hydrating while staying completely light on your skin. My skin actually glows after putting it on. It’s wonderful to lather on morning and night, but also primes skin well if you use a bit before applying makeup. I received this as a deluxe sample, but can see myself replacing it as an everyday moisturizer that tightens my pores and smooths my skin.


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