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The very first thing anyone (yourself included) sees when they come into your home is the entry. No matter the size of it, a grand entryway with a sweeping staircase or an extra bit of wall you’ve managed to make feel welcoming in your apartment, you want to really think about what goes in the space.


Add some green…


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Get a unique plant stand to add some personality, or a standalone plant table. Limited floor space? A hanging planter works just as well and draws the eye up.

…and an extra bit of personality.


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Add personality to the room with patterned paper (removable options here and here). A vintage chair or patterned stool is a less permanent alternative.

Mirrors can make the space feel larger.


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You can go with something floor-length, or with a pick that’s perfect to hang over an entryway table. They can be decorative in their own right, too.

Offer an easy place to put your keys.


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Simple console tables are sleek and don’t take up much room, but they’re also great to use as extra storage if you find a great hutch-style piece with drawers or cabinets.

Light it up, especially if natural light is lacking.


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I love the idea of lamps in a grand entryway to keep lighting natural and soft, but in an apartment this is a no-go. A pendant light, or a series of them, makes a statement.


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