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Certain products are just worth the splurge. While I rarely buy a dress or a pair of shoes at full price, beauty products are just something you will rarely get a good deal on. I admit that I like doing a bit of cost analysis – how long is this going to last me? and how much is it? – when it comes to buying makeup and other beauty products. A face cream that may be $40, but will last 6 months. A lipstick I’ll mostly wear on special occasions or nights out should probably have a more reserved price.

That being said, I have a few products I was hoping to get my hands on this season, and I’m so glad I did. A bold lipstick, a new highlighter (and more!) and a good everyday lip color. Read on for my finds!

Urban Decay
Vice Lipstick in Hex (Matte Finish)

I found this lip color, then proceeded to travel around from store to store until I found one that had it in stock! It’s a gorgeous deep berry color that is definitely not my normal hue. Its matte formula makes it great for special occasions, but I also love layering it lightly with a lip balm for a softer look. The Vice Lipstick is definitely something I’ll be grabbing in a few great colors down the line. (Or I can always just snag the stockpile😏)

Urban Decay
Naked Flushed Palette in Naked

I’d been considering a new highlighter for a while (I had been using the NARS The Multiple Stick in Copacabana, which is nice but not particularly bold), but also miss having a great blush-bronzer combo. This little palette was the answer to my prayers! The formula goes on so silky smooth, and the colors are subtle yet still manage to make me completely glow. Worth every penny!

Matte Lip Crayon in Soiree

I love a red lip, but I’m also a girl who likes something that goes on easy and stays on. This lip crayon (a steal at just $8) has a slick, smooth feeling that I just adore. The color is very buildable, so you can decide just how red you’d like to be. This is an everyday product for me, great for everything from the office to happy hour.


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