Lip service

As a kid, I loved Lip Smacker Lip Balm. Who could resist collecting every flavor known to mankind? Every sweet confection was at your fingertips with a quick swipe on your lips. The older I got, the more adventurous – venturing into liquid lip gloss. My tastes have (thankfully) leveled out, and I have a few standard favorites rather than the plethora of flavors I once had.

Depending on my mood, I switch up the type of lip product I like to use. I love lip balms for everyday use – I can use this every second of every day. When I want a bit of color, this is my favorite budget find. It goes on smooth and gives the perfect touch of color, whether you’re feeling peachy or going for a bright pink. Another favorite that I can’t stop wearing is this in Sugar Rosé. Easily the best balm I’ve used, and the scent is amazing!

When I’m stepping up my game with a night out or date night, I like to use this lip gloss. It gives a touch of plumpness without stinging or burning at all – just a light cooling feeling – and layers really well on top of color.

I’m a huge fan of lip stains because they’re great for going on and staying on, few touch-ups required. This in Pink Hedoniste is a nice everyday color, but I’m partial to the Rouge Libertine for a bolder look. Lip pencils are also a nice way to wear color with staying power. This velvet matte pencil is perfect for filling your lips in for a full, long-lasting color, and it comes in every shade you could imagine.

Lipstick is usually reserved for special occasions for me. I adore a red lip, but it usually requires more upkeep than I’m willing to give! A natural look is always a favorite for me, like this look on Sienna Miller. This in Sexy Sienna is a nice neutral, and you can top it with this in Nude Kate for an extra touch of shine.

… and a bag of kisses perfect for holding all of your favorite lip products.


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