It’s the little things

You know how the little things can ruin your day some days? It’s raining, you forgot to put on mascara, you forgot to email someone back, you dripped coffee on your new white blouse, and you forgot to grab your carefully packed lunch out of the refrigerator before leaving for work in the morning. Yes, some days are just like that.

I do however feel that just as often, the little things can save the day. You get congratulated for a job well done at work, someone stops you on the street and compliments you on your dress, you wake up just in time to get the perfect workout in, you catch the train at just the right second. While we all have those inherently bad days, as often as I can I try to make the “little things” as good as possible. Here are a few of my favorite ways to improve any blah day.

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Prepare yourself for the day ahead.

My bad days tend to circulate around my own lack of planning. When I have my lunch packed and ready to grab out of the fridge, prep my hair the night before to make for an easier morning, and an outfit that I love ready to be thrown on, I always have a better shot at a great day.


Buy flowers for your desk.

Yes, sometimes seeing pretty things can boost your mood. According to Life Hacker, they can even “help put us at ease and reduce anxiety at work, which in turn helps us be more productive.” How amazing is that? Next time you’re at Trader Joe’s, pick a bouquet and prepare for a better day ahead.

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Have an impromptu meet-up with a friend.

A break in routine can be the best thing to set you up for happiness. You know that friend you can never seem to tie down for plans? Shoot them a quick text and see if they can meet you for lunch, or grab a cup of coffee. Giving yourself something to look forward to is always a good idea.

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Bring yourself a new treat for work.

I tend to fall into a pattern when it comes to food; I like packing lunch for the week so I deal with it less during the busier days, and I stick to a similar breakfast every day. However sometimes it helps when I bring myself a new snack that is out of the ordinary. Sometimes it’s something special, like a slice of homemade banana bread for breakfast, or even something mundane that I don’t have on a regular basis, like an apple with peanut butter.

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Thank someone else for a job well done.

One of the best ways to improve your own day? Do something to help someone else’s. Improving the moods of the people around you will only do the same for your own, and it’s a kind way to give someone else the good day that you’re looking for. Everyone likes being recognized for their hard work.


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