Inspired to chop

 I had some really dark days when it comes to my hair. Dark as in truly dark, and dark as in scary. Growing up, I was a blonde and I loved it. Lightened in the summer by the sun, it was the perfect color for me. Despite a really bad bowl cut hair cut in third grade that I’m still scarred by to this day, I really loved my hair.


Around middle school, it started going dark; before I knew it, I was almost a full-on brunette. I knew I had to do something or I would be stuck with my mousy brown hair. I got highlights, and that lasted for a while… Until I realized the cost and decided home-dying would be the way to go. Skip ahead a few years and I am a brassy blonde (not a great look) graduating high school. My hair has never been very good at growing out long, as it is fine and easily broken; however I couldn’t commit to a short cut. After a brief incident with a friend and a box of hair dye that left me with nearly black hair, I decided the salon highlights was the only way to go. That has been my motto ever since.





    My color is working for me, but I’m finally bored with the style. I’ve done layers, styled it differently, but I’m honestly just bored. I’m considering taking the plunge and chopping off a couple of inches, leaving me with something a little closer to shoulder-length. So many celebs are taking the plunge and I’m loving their style; who says I wouldn’t love it on myself? After all, it will grow back eventually. What do you think of the shorter cuts?










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