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When I first thought about what type of rug I’d want for our living room, my mind instantly went to the basic white-and-gray Moroccan style (similarly to this, this or this). But the more I got to thinking, the more I realized we have so much white furniture and white walls, which is a nice clean slate for something a bit more exciting.







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 After spending some time on Pinterest, I realized that a bold color would have to do for our living room rug. While I might have loved something of the hot pink variety, I thought about Eric’s opinion and went for something a bit deeper in color. I absolutely loved the look of this teal rug as a statement piece. We have a dark gray couch and mostly white furniture and walls, so it will be a nice contrast to liven up the space. Now I just can’t wait for it to arrive!

See below to shop some of my favorite teal rugs I found in my hunt for the perfect piece.


Featured Image | anthropologie

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