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For how much time I spend at work, I try my best to keep my desk looking decently neat and pretty. I was given one of your standard, boring open-office workspaces, and they can be hard to decorate. Having fresh flowers is an indulgence I like to keep up with, and I like splurging on little office accessories that will make my space in the office a bit nicer to spend time in.

I recently got a new tumbler, which has been helping me keep up with my water intake. I also got a pretty mint and gold tabletop file to help keep cluttering papers off of my desk! It has been immensely helpful in keeping me organized when I’m working on multiple projects at once. I also love having a cute desktop wallpaper – find a few lovely options here!

Here are a few peeks at how I decorated my space!


One of my favorite updates was getting a new mouse and keyboard; it isn’t fun using someone else’s old keyboard, full of fuzz and dust! These cordless picks from AmazonBasics are perfect for what I needed, and they’re a great price at $24 for both.

White Vase (Similar) $24 | ban.do Tumbler (Similar) $14
Nate Berkus Tabletop File $13 AmazonBasics Keyboard + Mouse $24


My coworker and I got each other calendars for Christmas – I love this Rifle Paper Co. pick, which is perfect for seeing the entire month and what’s coming up. I write down both work deadlines and personal upcoming events! I love the colorful floral headers.

Rifle Paper Co. Calendar
$26 | Threshold Paper Clip Holder $2
Nate Berkus Stapler $16Warby Parker Glasses $95


If you have two monitors, you’ll understand the struggle of having them at two different levels. I used to have my laptop dock sitting on the desk, but I strained to use both at the same time. Having this amazing stand from Griffin is perfect for keeping both screens at the right level.

Desktop Wallpaper
 | Griffin Laptop Stand $35
ban.do Tumbler (Similar$14 | White Vase (Similar) $24


Having the right office supplies around is important – that’s why I love having this standout gold stapler and gold paper clips at my disposal. I also keep a Tide to Go Pen close at hand for coffee drips or other mishaps throughout the day!

Pencil Cup (Similar) $10Rifle Paper Co. Calendar $26
Threshold Paper Clip Holder $2Nate Berkus Stapler $16


You can’t avoid having work appliances, such as a clunky phone or a big monitor. I worked around them by having them at easy access, but surrounding them by pretty-yet-functional pieces.


I absolutely love having fresh flowers at my desk. My side of the office doesn’t get a ton of light, so having a bit of nature nearby helps keep me happy! Plus, they help put us at ease and reduce anxiety at work, which in turn helps us be more productive. Now you have an excuse!


vase newton

paperclip holdder keyboard mouse Rifle Paper Co.

file laptop stapler


P.S. Check out by BACK TO SCHOOL IN STYLE post for more fun office supplies!

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  1. Your set up is so darn pretty. I’m the exact same way with my work space. My motto is “If I have to be here for 9 hours it needs to be pretty”. I’ve never thought to keep fresh flowers at the office. I’ll have to start that!


    P.S. I have the same bando and I LOVE it 🙂

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