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Whether you work at home or you go to the office every day, it’s nice to have a space that’s all your own where you can focus and keep your head on straight, even when things feel crazy. I love making my desk feel like a special place because I spend so much of my time here – eight hours (at least) is a third of your day! All of that time adds up, so it’s a waste to not make your desktop reflect your own personal style. (Especially because our desk setups at my office aren’t the most gorgeous you’ve ever seen.)

I am always swooning over pretty desk accessories, but I also love finding things that are unexpected, such as a box for paper clips or a small vase that doubles as a pen cup. And a letter opener? Totally unnecessary, but still a fun tool to have in your space. I also love having a coaster for my many cups that end up crowding my desk – nobody likes condensation getting onto your paperwork. Small touches can make your workspace a whole lot more enjoyable. I love the pink and gold color scheme (hi, StyleCaster!), so here are some fun pieces you can add to your space on a budget.


Washi Tape (Floral / Pink / Quatrefoil) $4
Marble Box (Tall) $34
 $17 (I know everyone and their mom has these, but they’re sharp and sturdy aside from being pretty and gold!)
Tape Dispenser $24
Notebook $9

Mason Jar $2 (Inexpensive and great to use as a vase for flowers!)
Paper Clips $6
Coaster (Set of 4) $45
Stapler $14
Letter Opener $12 $8


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