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Since last year, I have wanted a new winter coat. While I did get a quilted puffer jacket (the one I got is sold out, but this similar one is even more adorable) last year, it just doesn’t keep me warm like a long wool coat would. Therefore I am on a mission to find an amazing coat that will be a little bit of a splurge this year (especially if it snows in October again like it did last year!). I am so excited for all of the winter activities that will be coming up quick, and I want to be ready with a gorgeous coat.
The best part about winter jackets is that they come in such a large variety of colors and shapes, and the prices don’t have to be too extravagant. Here are my favorite picks under $400.
H&M $99
Image 2 of ZIP BUCKLE COAT from Zara
Zara $189
J.Crew Womens Petite Stadium-Cloth Cocoon Coat
J.Crew $350
Hooded Drape Front Herringbone Coat


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