Giving thanks

There’s nothing that’s quite as nice as making someone’s day. I’ve really noticed recently how much I enjoy hearing that I did a good job on a work project, or simply that I’m appreciated when I go out of my way to do something for someone else. In the spirit of the month of giving thanks, I’d like to pass that along a bit more often.

It doesn’t take much to brighten someone else’s day with appreciation – whether you’re happy to give a verbal “thanks for all that you do,” or you feel more comfortable sending it off in an email. This sweet surprise is perfect for an extra-special thank you, or a little pop of confetti will always do the trick!

If you’re going the traditional route with a thank you card, here’s my guide for writing a stand-out note that will show your appreciation.

Write out a quick greeting and a “thank you” right off the bat. Kicking it off with the purpose is always a good idea! Let the recipient know what you’re specifically writing the note for.

Be specific. Did a coworker help out with a big project? Did your friend go out of her way to brighten your bad day? Did you get a special gift from a family member? Let them know how much you appreciate that specific act or gift.

Restate your appreciation. Remind them how much it meant to you, and mention getting together to grab coffee or make other plans for the near future. Show your personality in your note and let it show through.


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