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Stress can come at you in a number of ways – a tough project at work, drama with a friend or working through problems your relationship, to name a few. No matter what causes your stress, on National Stress Awareness Day, I wanted to point out a few of my favorite ways to unwind.

According to Huffington Post, “Stressors are not momentary physical dangers but a constant bombardment of mental stress. We rush the kids to school. We get frustrated in traffic. Our boss comes down on us about a late project. Stressor after stressor attacks us. Our body is always on high alert. The adrenaline and cortisol never decrease. Our digestive, reproductive and immune systems are not turned back on.  The result is a host of autoimmune, reproductive, and digestive issues.”

Knowing what we do about how stress affects our bodies, it’s so important to make sure we take time to decompress and reset. Some of my favorite ways include:

1. Take a bath

Apartment Therapy

There’s something about submerging yourself in a tub of warm water in a softly lit room with your favorite candle burning that is soothing and relaxing. Add some soaking salts for an added boost of stress relief.

2. Read


Falling into a book that I’ve read before and love, or is new and easy to lose myself in, always helps me feel a bit better when I’m spinning out of control. Reading someone else’s story can always help put your own worries in perspective!

3. Have a sweet treat

Creature Comforts

Treating yourself to something sweet can turn your mood around, especially when paired with a bit of Netflix and a big faux-fur blanket. I especially love Talenti gelato to have on hand as a treat!

4. Get pampered


A mani/pedi does wonders – as does a good wash and cut for your hair (with a bit of a head massage included), or a blowout to make you feel fabulous. Drybar is an amazing place to go when you need a boost!

5. Exercise


Whether it’s taking a leisurely walk outside, lifting weights or hitting up a yoga class, pushing yourself to get moving does a lot of good for taking your anxiety and getting it in control.


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  1. This is a great post. Each thing you name is something i do as well as listen to music. It helps so much when you having a stressful moment to just stop and unwind and let your brain breath. Its not healthy at all to feel stressed out. Love this alot, great job!!

    Hugs & Love

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