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I spent part of my weekend doing a bit of closet clean-out. It felt so good to get rid of some pieces that I hardly got around to wearing. I’ve been trying to simplify my wardrobe (not quite to capsule size, but definitely more minimal) and this was a big step in doing so.

Whether it was an item in a print I never liked very much, or a piece that just doesn’t fit (and I shoved it to the back of my closet), I had a lot of things I needed to clear out of my wardrobe. With a good stack of about 20 pieces that I was ready to let go of, I headed to my local consignment shop (anyone else love Current Boutique?) to drop them off in the hopes of making a few dollars back on my finds.

This specific shop takes your items and puts them up for sale for you, and adds any sales to your account. I’ve tried Poshmark and eBay in the past to sell some of my newer, nicer items, but the time the items take to sell paired with the amount of time you have to invest to make a great listing didn’t work well for me. I just dropped my items off and wait for my items to sell; I highly suggest finding a place with a similar process if you’re interested in doing an end-of-summer closet clean-out.

With some extra wiggle room cleared out in my closet, I’m thinking of a compact list of items I’d like to get for next season. I did a bit of browsing around Current Boutique while I was there and saw the extent of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” I picked up a black silk J.Crew tank that I swooned over from 2014 that was still in perfect condition, and only paid $25 for it. I’m definitely planning to add consignment shopping into my routine, while definitely keeping to mostly neutral pieces that are versatile.


The Real Real | eBay | Poshmark | Tradesy


cashmere sweater

Lands’ End $169 $100 40% offEverlane | 360 Cashmere 64% off

blank silk tank

Everlane | Club Monaco 50% offJ.Crew

olive pants

Who What Wear for Target | Blank Denim | KUT from the Kloth

distressed skinny jeans

BLANKNYC | Levi’s | Tularosa 30% off

[faux] leather jacket

H&M | cupcakes and cashmere | Marc New York by Andrew Marc 33% off


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