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I love spending time in the kitchen. Isn’t it funny how people tend to end up there at parties and gatherings? Even if it isn’t where the food is, for some reason, it’s where everyone gravitates.

For that reason, I enjoy having it be a nice place to spend time, both with decor and functionality. There is so much inspiration on how to add pieces here and there to really make your kitchen enjoyably cozy. I’m personally a fan of always having wine in the house, though being able to offer coffee is equally important. Having nice ways to present your snacks is another quick way to make you feel like you’ve really made it as an adult – no chips out of the bag and salsa out of the jar, but a real live chips-and-dip platter. Shop some more of my favorite kitchen finds below.

1 | Threshold Glass Beverage Dispenser $30

2 | Threshold Red Vegetable Kitchen Towel $3

3 | Martha Stewart Collection Heirloom Copper Tea Kettle $100 $50

4 | Kate Spade New York Raise a Glass Chip & Dip Bowl $50 $35

 5 | One Kings Lane White Marble Pedestal $29

6 | Umbra Pulse Wine Rack $30

7 | Bodum Classic Chambord Copper French Press Coffee Maker $75 $50

8 | Crate & Barrel Lemon Tree Silicone Spatula $10 $4

9 | Thirstystone Marble & Wood Serving Platter $90 $54


Featured Image | Crate and Barrel


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