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When it’s this hot outside, it can be hard to get motivated to go sweat it out at your gym class. What makes it even harder is not being ready with the right clothes for your workout.

With my recent move to a new area, I’ve had trouble settling back into my routine. A fix I’ve found that works well for me is making sure I have the gym clothes I need with me every day. It may sound obvious, but forgetting my clothes is an easy way out to skipping the gym. Having this little step taken care of is often the only motivation I need to get my butt to class after a long day in the office!

If I’m running late in the morning without packing the night before, it usually leads to me forgetting something I need – like my sneakers. Minimizing stress is major for me as well, and I want to do everything I can to make my mornings simpler while still accomplishing everything I want to. This week’s goal is to get better about picking outfits (both for the office and the gym!) the night before.

I’ve been huge on getting tanks with a higher neckline for exercising, as they’re more comfortable and less fussy. I love Nike workout gear, but recently found Montiel activewear and I’m loving their styles and their prices!

What do you love wearing to work out?


Look 1

Bra $40 $30
Pants $105 $79
Top $245 $88
Shorts $168 $34
Shoes $95 $70

Look 2

Bra $17
Pants $138 $69
Top $58 $35
Shorts $25
Shoes $80 $70

Look 3

Bra $38
Pants $130 $91
Shorts $90 $41
Top $100 $50
Shoes $90 $60


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