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Friday is here! It has been a totally trying week for me regarding work, and I’m so happy to have a relaxing weekend to look forward to. Deadlines are done, fall is here and it’s time to sit back and have some fun.

This week I gave glow-in-the-dark kickball a go (which was totally a blast – glowing ball, bases and glow sticks!), which felt like such a DC thing to do. I really enjoyed getting to hang out by the Washington Monument and spend time in part of the city that I don’t usually hang out in.

I also went to my first yoga class in a while, and took Eric with me for his very first class! We went to a studio I’ve never been to before, and we both really enjoyed it. The mix of calming relaxation, getting in touch with your body and getting in a workout was just what I needed.

Read on for a few of my favorite finds this week!



While I mostly drink water, I drink very little of it. I don’t know if it’s the availability that slows me down, or if I just don’t require a lot of it. I do know that I tend to drink more out of a water bottle than a glass – is that weird?

I came across S’well bottles, which has a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles. They’re doing so in a great way, creating bottles that amazingly keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours! Not only do they have a flawless design, but they’re also made from stainless steel so they’ll hold up for a long time. Plus they give to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, donating $100,000 to help provide clean water to the world’s most vulnerable children. That’s definitely a company I can get behind. Generally their 9 oz. bottles are $25, 17 oz. are $35, and 25 oz. are $45Shop them here.



Don’t you just love when celebrities show their sense of humor? Stephen Colbert tried to parody the lifestyle brands many of us have come to know and love (if not to simply admire from afar), and Gwyneth Paltrow shot back on goop with an article giving tips on how to launch a men’s lifestyle site.

They advise hilarious things such as, “if something is expensive, front like you own it,” “find legitimacy by latching onto obscure trends,” and “trend-spotting makes you look like you actually leave your little celebrity bubble, and more importantly, you get to take all the credit when these little companies make it big.” Props to you, goop.


… and new season means new shoes, right? Gilt is having such an amazing sale on shoes right now. Really. Take an extra 30% off all of the shoes here – boots, flats, pumps and more! You’ll see brands like Vince, Sigerson Morrison, Pour La Victoire and more. Shop with code SHOE30.

$149 $104 | $99 $69 | $89 $62 | $119 $83



Since moving in with Eric, I’ve really noticed how much of a transition it is to sleep in the same bed with another person. I’ve always slept pretty much on the edge of the bed, curled up in a ball, taking up as little room as possible. I thought I’d be the easier person to sleep with (after all, Eric grinds his teeth and sometimes flails his arms around in his sleep), but it turns out I have a pretty annoying habit: suddenly jerking awake just as I’m drifting off to sleep. Apparently, the hypnic jerk is a pretty common thing. But there are a few ways to lessen them. Read more.


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