My first big splurge

It has been a while since I’ve really splurged on something big. Last year I bought the Stadium-Cloth Cocoon Coat from J.Crew, which was exciting for me – it makes a big difference to have a coat you love. That was probably the second biggest fashion investment I’ve made, aside from my first designer bag.

It always means a lot for me to spend a lot on one item, like a new bag. I’ve recently switched back to an oldie but goodie, my first “real” designer bag – a kate spade new york bow terrace fulton tote. When I bought it, I was completely obsessed – I knew it would be the first thing I bought with my first “big girl” paycheck. (I mean, just look at my face.)

Posing with my first kate spade bag, circa 2013

As silly as it sounds, I was really proud (after graduating, then months of an unpaid internship, struggling to start paying my student loans and a lot of unsuccessful job searching) to be able to buy a purse from kate spade because I worked really hard to earn it, and I felt like it was totally deserved.

Now that I’m a couple of years into the working world, it feels good to remember how it wasn’t always as easy as picking out something I love and just making the decision to splurge on it. It gets really easy to lust over gorgeous clothing and bags that I can’t really afford, even now, but it definitely helps to remember how fortunate I am to be where I am today – employed and living in D.C. (and shopping a bit more regularly than I should!).

Looking forward, I definitely want to get another “classic” that I can pick back up again and use years later. Here are a few of my favorite finds on sale now:


See by Chloe $450 $315


kate spade new york $398 $239


Tory Burch $475 $333


ZAC Zac Posen $525 $240


See by Chloe $530 $280


Loeffler Randall $395 $150


COACH $275 $206


kate spade new york $398 $259


Featured Image | Kate Spade Bags Gallery

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