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After a long week, I couldn’t be more excited for the weekend! I’m going to get to spend some time with friends, including going to a housewarming party and heading to my parents’ house to do some laundry (yes, this can happen post-college – power outages are the worst!).

I’m really loving the weather lately – we’ve had a huge drop in temperatures and we are now smack in the middle of the approximate two-week span of “fall” that we get every year in the D.C. area. It doesn’t last long, but it sure is lovely while it lasts.

I’ve been doing my best to keep balance in my life lately. A balance between eating well and splurging when the time is right. Balancing working out regularly but also taking days off when I can tell my body needs it. Figuring out how to use my time wisely so that I can accomplish everything I want to – work, exercise, cooking, cleaning, relaxing. It definitely isn’t always easy, but I’m trying to find the best way to have it all!

Something I’ve been excited to do more of now that it’s colder is baking. Comfort foods are perfect for when it’s chilly and all you want to do is curl up under a blanket. I’m dying to try some variation of pumpkin scones. Our oven has been acting up and burning things (I swear, faster than I can check on them!) but we just got a new pan that should hopefully fix the problem. Now that we’ve been in the apartment for a little while, I’m excited to spend a bit more on kitchen appliances and tools, like a hand mixer, kitchen tongs and a meat thermometer.

$40 $32 | $10-$13 | $40

I’m also really excited to use our gas fireplace in our apartment. We moved in June, so it hasn’t been touched yet. Curling up in front of the fire to watch a movie or read a good book makes any day all the better. I also have my eye on a few pretty finds for when the temperatures really drop – like these chic plaid gloves from Zara for just $23! You definitely don’t have to spend a lot to get great winter accessories. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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