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It looks like the weather is finally (sort of) leveling out and giving us some much-needed sunshine! I’m so happy for a weekend full of warm weather. Eric and I are starting to look at apartments and I’m excited to check out some pretty places in Georgetown. Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead!

  1. Gorgeous spring wallpapers that aren’t florals.
  2. A quiz to discover the trend piece you need to get your hands on.
  3. A behind-the-scenes look at the design of J.Crew’s sunglasses line.
  4. Nine well-known brand acronyms you never knew the meaning of.
  5. Get major decor envy with an inside look at Louise Roe’s home.
  6. Learn all about what your Twitter bio says about you.
  7. The story behind well-known wedding traditions.
  8. Weekend makeup essentials you have to have – all under $15.


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