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I love April. It’s definitely rainy season, which isn’t my favorite, but there’s something to be said for the first month where open-toed shoes are the norm (I love my new mules that are on sale now!). This is going to be a weekend of resting and catching up on my to-do list – but a refreshing face mask and a good movie also sound like they’re in order!

  1. What your favorite flower says about you.
  2. Find out the likelihood of your job being done by a machine.
  3. Forgo the salt and pepper – try these five spices you should be using this weekend.
  4. A beauty in pale blue – the perfect ruffle midi for spring, under $50.
  5. The most adorable beach towels to stock up on before summer hits.
  6. Sixteen gin cocktails that aren’t a gin and tonic.
  7. Use code YOUANDME for 25% off everything at kate spade new york.
  8. Pink home decor items – each under $100 – that you need immediately.


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