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Happy Friday! This week has flown by in a hurry, which is likely because the weekend ahead will be packed. I’m heading to Maryland for the holiday weekend, spending time with my best friend who will be in town, and celebrating Easter with family. (Outfit ideas, in case you haven’t settled on one yet!) I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

  1. Interesting and creative ways to dye Easter eggs for this Sunday.
  2. Tried and true: ten beauty products on Sephora with more than 100k loves.
  3. The best Easter (or lazy Saturday morning!) brunch recipes (cinnamon bun bites!)
  4. A cheat sheet to the best vitamins for everything you could want.
  5. See 100 years of engagement rings.
  6. A sneak peek at Christian Louboutin’s newest venture.
  7. The perfect striped crop halter bikini you’ve been searching for.
  8. A new bread that tastes like white bread, but is good for you.


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