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The week is over, but the weekend is only beginning. I am looking forward to a much-needed salon appointment to get some fresh highlights, and trying to stick to my workout routine over the weekend. (Isn’t it so much harder to get your sneakers on when it’s a gorgeous Saturday?)

  1. The best books to take on spring break, courtesy of Draper James.
  2. The embroidered, drop-waist new arrival from H&M that your vacation needs.
  3. The best way to buy different veggies – canned, fresh or frozen.
  4. How to decorate that awkward space in your home.
  5. Spring dinners that require just one pot – and go way beyond pasta.
  6. A funky new Brazil-inspired line at IKEA.
  7. The accessories people spend the most on, by state.
  8. The trick to making your outfit look more expensive.


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