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What a week! I took a few days away from the blog to really settle into my new job and use my spare time to recharge rather than try to squeeze in rushed, less than perfect posts. It’s been nice to have the freedom to really take it all in, but I’m so excited to come back fresh next week with lots of great content. After all, fall temperatures are starting to settle in, meaning my wardrobe options just broadened immensely. (Hello, boots, sweaters and denim!)

I hope you all had lovely weeks, and that you have a great weekend ahead! I’ll be traveling to NYC for a few conferences at the United Nations General Assembly starting tomorrow (beyond excited for my first bit of work travel!) and can’t wait to do some exploring in the city. Check out my Instagram to follow along all weekend long!


There’s always room for improvement! How to be a happier couple, according to experts.

The lovely velvet flats on everyone’s radar (hint: they’re not as expensive as they look).

Fall isn’t just about clothes – the seasonal veggies you should know how to cook.

Fast fashion: what pieces to buy, and what to avoid like the plague.

For the grammar sticklers out there, you’ll want to see this.


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