Curtain call

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Curtains are one of those things that you don’t notice much when they aren’t there, but after you add them in, you realize how badly you needed them! They draw the eye up to the ceiling, making a room look more spacious. Plus they can add a much needed pattern, splash of color or element of surprise to an otherwise boring room.

In our bedroom, we have a single french door to a fire escape with big white blinds over top. Above the door is a small yet noticeable window. Not only does this let the sunlight stream through in the morning (too early!), but it’s also nice to be able to cover it up knowing that it looks into our room. After a bit of pinning, I realized that curtains were the perfect solution. Here are some of my favorites:

*Websites can be a bit deceiving when it comes to shopping curtains – always double-check if you are purchasing a single panel, or a set of curtains! All prices below are for two panels.

57″ x 98″ IKEA $25 $20 for 2 panels
55″ x 118″ IKEA $35 for 2 panels
47″ x 98″ H&M $36 for 2 panels

54″ x 95″ Threshold $60 $46 for 2 panels
54″ x 95″ Threshold $60 $46 for 2 panels
42″ x 84″ LC Lauren Conrad $90 $68 for 2 panels *BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF

50″ x 108″ Overstock $276 $80 for 2 panels
48″ x 96″ West Elm $98 for 2 panels
50″ x 108″ Serena & Lily $496 $100 for 2 panels

50″ x 96″ Overstock $400 $116 for 2 panels
50″ x 96″ Overstock $150 $128 for 2 panels
44″ x 96″ Pottery Barn Kids $218 $128 for 2 panels


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