Clubmaster classics

After getting my tax refund, I wanted to do a little bit of splurging. My beloved Gayla sunglasses from Kate Spade broke last year due to an unfortunate poolside accident, so I figured a new pair of shades might get me in the mood for sunny spring.

My first pair of real (read: expensive) sunglasses were a classic pair of aviators from Ray-Ban. I wore them to death and loved them so I decided to go for another pair from the brand. I’ve always really loved the Clubmasters. Celebrities everywhere seem to have them and I’m constantly seeing them in paparazzi shots. I didn’t need much convincing to splurge on a pair for myself!

While the black are super chic, I decided to go for the Mock Tortoise-Arista frames. I’ve always thought it looked a bit nicer and I’m so excited to get them. If you go through Ray-Ban’s website, you’ll pay $150. However after some shopping around, I’m happy to say I found a pair for $85 on Amazon! The reviews prove that it is a trusted place to buy, and I’m so excited to style them for the upcoming season.


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