Bring it on, 2016

Happy 2016! Last year was a great year – I moved to DC with Eric, spent a good amount of time blogging, went on a lovely week-long summer vacation (not to mention a couple of smaller trips throughout the year!), and grew both professionally and personally. Overall, it was a wonderful year.

With the new year, I’m eager to stay on some good habits that I’ve started. While I understand how some people get frustrated at “New Year’s Resolutioners” (trust me, I’m sure I will tonight when the gym is overflowing!), I also totally love the idea of starting (or continuing) habits that will help you be a happier, healthier person. Here are a few of my goals to hold onto this year.

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Start the day off with warm lemon water.

The benefits of drinking warm lemon water might be surprising. Not only is it an immune system boost (which, let’s face it, we can all use during the winter months!), but it also helps with digestion, keeping skin clear and hydrated, and maintaining a healthy weight. Not a bad habit to keep.

Once every few months month, take unwanted clothing to a consignment shop.

Yes, we all have those pieces that we can’t get rid of, but when you do your seasonal closet-cleaning, take your gently used, in-style pieces to a local consignment shop. Not only does this help you keep your closet tidy, but it also allows you to make a few extra dollars that can be spent on new pieces. Or put into savings… if you’re more responsible than I am!

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Think before spending.

Forever the impulse shopper, I tend to swipe without a second thought – credit cards can be dangerous, and making sure I pay off my cards in a timely fashion is increasingly important to me! While I do have a savings account as well as an emergency fund, I’ve had some financial setbacks in the past couple of months. (Read: took car in for oil change, was told it’s unsafe to drive. Yikes.) Making the decision of want vs. need will certainly help me be more financially responsible in 2016.

Take a multivitamin every day.

And I mean every day. I tend to start a great vitamin regimen, only to slowly but surely forget those little tablets full of nutrition. It’s so important to get all of the nutrients you miss in your diet, especially for those of us who try to squeeze meal planning into an already busy schedule.

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Stick with a skincare regimen.

For every beauty product I have, I have another that’s just collecting dust. I am trying my best to pick my very favorites and use them religiously – every morning and night. Especially with freezing winter temperatures, moisturizing is so important! A couple of my favorites include the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate for silky-soft skin, and Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion for everyday moisture. For cleansing, I love CeraVe’s Hydrating Cleanser.



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