Beauty buys you didn’t know you needed

I have some health and beauty buys that I have recently started using, yet easily could’ve gotten by without. Sometimes it’s all about the special products you use that make such a huge improvement. Whether it’s something to keep your hair soft and smooth, or you want your skin to hold onto moisture a little better, there’s something out there for that!  And that doesn’t necessarily mean spending a ton of money, either – these are things you can pick up at your local Target or CVS.


FACE MASK | I remember in high school, face masks were all the rage. My girlfriends and I would sit around covering our already-soft skin with clay masks. I hadn’t done one in a while, and I found this Que Bella Anti-Aging Goji Berry mask ($6). It has a nice scent and goes on smoothly. You leave it on for a few minutes and after you rinse, your skin feels clean and fresh. (And it can’t hurt to use products labeled “anti-aging” to help out your complexion.)


HAIR MASK | This deep-conditioning mask is perfect for dry hair. I love this Umberto Repair Treatment Masque ($10) because it makes my hair look like I just left the salon. Goodbye flyaways, hello shiny hair.

REAL RAZOR | For such a long time, I got in the habit of buying disposable razors rather than keeping a permanent one; it seemed easier and more cost-effective. What I learned is that they don’t stay sharp as long, and they lead to more razor burn. Ouch! I love the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor ($10) because it’s easy on my skin and doesn’t dull quickly.

BODY OIL | While body lotion will get the job done, oil seems to leave my skin extra moisturized and soft. Whether you prefer Johnson & Johnson ($4) or Neutrogena’s ($8) light scent, you’ll notice this is great to put on after a shower for light moisture.



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