August Play! by Sephora Box

Sampling beauty products is my favorite thing to do. I love getting to try something out before splurging on the full size when I know I’ll love it (and use it all). This month’s Play! by Sephora box has so many amazing products – hello, perfect smoky eye.

Urban Decay

Perversion Mascara

Creamy mascara that lengthens and thickens without feeling heavy.

Packaging: This little tube is sleek and has a great slim design. Love!

Product: This might be my favorite product in this month’s box. It volumizes my lashes while still adding to the length, and the brush is so nice to use. I have visibly more gorgeous lashes. One coat will do for everyday, but two is perfection for a night out. Highly recommend this – they also offer travel size if you want to purchase a sample first!


Artist Shadow Eyeshadow and Powder Blush

Iridescent gel-powder eye shadow.

Packaging: As far as shadow samples come, this is great. It comes in its own little cardboard pod with a lid. Easy to throw in my makeup bag (without worrying about it opening up!).

Product: Another love. I was wary about an “iridescent pink shadow,” but it’s more of a deep rosy shade that is very complementary to my skin.  The color is I544 Pink Granite (Iridescent), and it’s selling out quickly! This is a great color to have in your stash. I’ve been wearing it mostly for daytime, but it’s also nice to use a wet brush for a darker look.


Énergie de Vie The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Moisturizer

Light serum-like moisturizer for morning and night.

Packaging: I was a bit frustrated at the basic tube because this is a serum that just sort of oozes out if you aren’t careful.

Product: This is the perfect summer moisturizer. It’s very light as not to clog pores, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and full when I wake up. I’m a big fan of this product.


Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof

Shimmer-finish waterproof eye pencil.

Packaging: Your standard eye pencil. Nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately it didn’t stand up well to extreme heat with the package sitting in the sun, and the tip did melt a bit.

Product: The color does stay on well, and it’s bold. I love the formula, though I usually stay away from shimmer liner. However I could see this being great to create a smoky eye or filling in close to the lash line. For the price, this is a definite steal. This color is 15 Flirting Game Taupe.


Resveratrol Lift Eye Lifting Balm

Silky eye balm to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Packaging: I appreciated the smaller tip that allowed me to use only as much product as needed (which isn’t much!).

Product: I noticed a visible different in my under eye area since using this. I didn’t notice much of a difference in the appearance of dark circles (mine aren’t bad but they’re there), but my eye area felt smoother overall.


Reserve Blonde Rose

Woody, floral fragrance for every day.

Packaging: This had your standard sample fragrance squirt bottle, which is nice to be able to toss in my purse to use on-the-go.

Product: I liked the pretty scent that’s a bit muskier than I’m used to wearing. I’d probably use this as more of a special occasion fragrance, as I like brighter, fresher scents, but it’s definitely a nice perfume to have on hand.


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