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I’ve had a few things around the house lately that have been improving my life in the smallest of ways, but I wouldn’t want to be without.

S’well Bottle

Even though these bottles are a bit on the expensive side, I’d buy another in a heartbeat! They keep drinks cold (with ice!) or hot longer than any bottle I’ve used. I have the sparkling champagne in 9 oz. ($25), which is perfect to keep full and stick in my bag without weighing it down too much. The brand carries every color under the sun, including a few favorites of mine – hot pink, cute heart patterns and birch wood. Whether it’s carrying coffee to the office, or taking cold water to the gym, it’s the perfect bottle!


Tweezerman Ultra Precision Series Nipper

I love doing at-home manicures, so when I accidentally misplaced my cuticle nippers, I knew they needed to be immediately replaced! I found these pretty gold Tweezerman nippers that are sharp, fine and so easy to use. They’re $35, but having them makes doing my own nails all the easier, saving money in the long run when I don’t have to run out for a mani!


To Go Salad Dressing Container

These things are amazing! Fill them with your favorite dressing when you’re packing lunch to-go, and simply flip the top and squeeze when you’re ready to use. No more messy Tupperware containers that are tough to use, and much more ease of access. At $5, they’re a no-brainer. You can get a three-pack from Bed Bath & Beyond for just $10.


3M Command Damage-Free Hanging Picture and Frame Kit

Since we recently moved, 3M hooks have been a savior to get artwork up on the walls. I came across one option I had never seen – it’s essentially a nail that protrudes out of a flat metal piece that you adhere to the wall. You have a nail without having to make a single hole! This particularly came in handy for a frame I wanted to lay flat against the wall, in a frame that was a bit heavy (these hold up to 8 pounds). When they’re only $4 each, they’re definitely a must-have for renters.




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